Environmental Policy Statement

The Board of Legero International is committed to both the protection of the environment and evaluating the impact that the organisation’s services can have. Compliance with legislation is the minimum standard to which the Company shall adhere. The Company shall also endeavour to follow best practice with due regard for its business needs, in line with the environmental regulations and the expectations of all interested parties. The objectives for the Company under this policy are to:

  1. Reduce the carbon footprint of the business.
  2. Reduce energy consumption.
  3. Minimise the production of all types of waste, especially paper. Encourage reuse, recycling and the disposal of other waste that cannot be avoided, in a responsible manner.

All Directors will be responsible for communicating and implementing this Policy and will ensure that:

  1. Employees and contractors are encouraged to be receptive to the personal impact they can have on this policy and to report areas of concern.
  2. Training is provided as part of staff development taking into account responsibilities.
  3. Efforts are made to minimize travel by maximising IT systems.
  4. Favour the use of suppliers who are committed to environmental good practice.
  5. Carbon offsetting is implemented, that as a minimum, is commensurate to the level of the business travel.
  6. Pollution is prevented in all forms, especially from redundant electrical equipment.
  7. All incidents detrimental to the environment are reported, investigated and action taken to prevent reoccurrence.

The Directors are committed to continually improving its performance by regularly reviewing its environmental impacts, and on an annual basis, update this policy in line with the review findings.