The Best Solutions to Clean and Barrier Your Vessels

RBM cleaning and barrier solutions can greatly assist the Owner/Operator when preparing holds in their dry cargo bulk carriers.

At RBM HoldSolutions they pride themselves with providing the very best of these solutions. There goal is to become the leader in providing products that are easy to use and do not harm the environment. Having serviced thousands of vessels, RBM HoldSolutions continues to provide the very best in cleaning and barrier solutions.

  • RBM HoldBlock
    A barrier solution for vessels carrying corrosive and/or messy cargos; such as sulphur, salt, HBI and petcoke. RBM HoldBlock is removed with RBM HoldWash-HD.
  • RBM HoldWash-HD
    A versatile all-purpose marine cleaning solution. It can be used as a powerful stand-alone cleaner for oily stains and residues and removes RBM HoldBlock.
  • RBM BilgeCoat
    An alkaline solution used for the bilge lines and bilge wells during sulphur voyages. It acts as a neutralizing agent.