Fiscal Representation & Cross Trade

Fiscal Representation

The Netherlands has implemented a beneficial system called postponed accounting. In this system the VAT is not actually paid at the moment of customs clearance, but payment is deferred to the periodical VAT return. In this periodical return the VAT needs to be declared, but can be deducted in the same return.

Companies not established in the Netherlands but in one of the EU memberstates can enjoy this Dutch beneficial system. Their import shipments from outside the EU needs to enter the EU via The Netherlands. Here your shipment will be custom cleared on your VAT number against the Dutch beneficial system.

Fiscal Representation is important for companies that are not established in the Netherlands. With Fiscal Representation they have the possibility to import goods without paying import VAT. Fiscal Representation is interesting for entrepreneurs from other European member states and for entrepreneurs from the rest of the world who want to distribute goods through the Netherlands. Having been cleared in for example Amsterdam, the goods are free and without any further customs interference. Now the goods can be stored and transported quicker and freely.

Cross Trade

Thanks to the central location, good infrastructure, high level of logistics The Netherlands is still the main gateway to Europe. Therefore shipments landing in The Netherlands do not always have The Netherlands as final destination. Many goods are further transported to all kind of directions within, and even outside of Europe.

From The Netherlands we can offer you pick-up and delivery services true out whole Europe By Truck, Courier, Barge or Train transport. This can be on consolidation basis or direct transport.

The Netherlands can act as your local hub into Europe. You import your goods for Europe into The Netherlands (enjoying the TAX benefits via Fiscal Representation) and from here will be further shipped to the final destination(s) into Europe.