Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has finally moved to Louisiana. However, the major flooding situation will continue to persist as the bayou and lakes rise to crest and then begin to recede. All major freeways are closed off, Airports are shut down, many roads and bridges have also been closed. Rescue operations are still going on due to more than 50 inches rain fell on Houston over the last few days causing rivers, lakes, bayous, levees and dams to flood over their banks.

As per the City Officials we should see the water recede by the end of the week in certain places and even longer in others. Then the road ways must be cleared of vehicles and other large debris which will take a few days.

Depending on the water receding and clean up, George Bush Internatioal Houston Airport (IAH) reports re-opening on 5th of September. however there will be major delay’s and backlog. Presently carriers does not accept any bookings!

Our staff is working from their mobile phone attempting to keep up with the operational emails. As you can imagine in this type of catastrophic event mobile services are not very reliable as there are many people using the service at the same time. We thank you for your support and patients as we try to recover.

The office will remain closed for the remainder of the week and we will update all parties as soon as we can.


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